Journal 2010-01-18 Daniel Realpe New Collabs

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Daniel Realpe New Collabs

Instructor Daniel Realpe is making our members work really hard this January with his awesome collabs!

These are his latest additions:

Classical Style Collaboration: Acollab with a dramatic vibe to it based on a symphonic backing served seven of our guitar swingers well to show their best chops & licks. Listen to the final mix

Chords were:

1st part: Gm – Eb – Gm – F
2nd part: G# - E – G# - F#
Ending: Gm – G#

Ritmo Latino Collaboration: This is a very particular collab in which two of our instructors took part: Daniel himself and Adrian Figallo. It's always great to hear our instructors working together and the results are amazing as usual user posted image Hear it yourself!. Try your best over the original backing, let's hear that latin rhythm!