Journal 2010-02-20 New MTP Signups

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New MTP Signups

Community Coordinator Chris Evans has just announced new signups for our sought after MTP (Mentored Training Program).

As you guys know the MTP pairs students and instructors to work together and learn in a much more personal manner, as close as it gets to real life One-on-One guitar lessons. Here' the list of instructor available this time:

Ivan Milenkovic
Gabriel Leopardi
Adrian Figallo
Daniel Realpe
Emir Hot
Pedja Simovic
Bogdan Radovic
Luciana Segovia (Vocal MTP)
Jerry Arcidiacono
Lian Gerbino
Laszlo Boross
Ramiro Delforte

All you need to do to apply is post in this thread with your chosen instructor.

MTP pairings usually last three months, and there are some changes in this phase, let's hear what Chris Evans has to say about it:

"The MTP runs on a three month cycle, every three months we open a sign up thread for members to assign themselves to a participating instructor, so far members already assigned to an Instructor have been able to continue into the next quarter or at this point change to another instructor if they so wish."

"For now and future phases this will no longer be the case, members will no longer be able to continue on or change to another Instructor at these points, however, after a three month break they will be able to sign up again."

"So to simplify it will be a three months on and three months off rotation."

So that's it guys and gals, choose your favourite instructor and get ready to practice hard in the forecoming months! user posted image