Journal 2010-03-24 Improve GMC Competition

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1st Prize!
1st Prize!

New Competition: Improve GMC!

Yes! A new official GMC competition has been announced and you don't need to play like Satriani to win!
All you need is a good idea which helps making GMC even better. Let's hear what Competitions Coordinator AudioPaal has to say:

It's been foretold in the stars of old that I, The Competition King, would bestow upon GMC a brand new COMPETITION!

And here it is:

Very simply we are looking for ideas to make GMC a better place!
We want members to come up with ideas - as many ideas per member as they like.
But here is the deal; we are not looking for hundreds of spammed out ideas, quantity is not what we are looking for.

We will pay more attention to the ideas that have the following attributes:

2nd Prize
2nd Prize

- Simple
- Sensible
- Well thought out
- Well Expressed
- Easy to implement
- Big benefits to GMC members and Instructors

We will give extra credit for the presentation of ideas - any medium will do - a Wiki article, a Youtube video etc.
A one line suggestion in a post will carry far less weight than a well written Wiki article or post that explains the idea and all of its merits and how it can be implemented.
A youtube video with graphics showing what new features might look like will knock it out of the park!

So, presentation is extremely important but not at the expense of it being a good idea in the first place.

Example 1:
1 line explaining the best idea ever to make GMC a better place.
Bad (not enough info, not well thought out or visualized)!

Example 2:
30 minute youtube video showing how GMC could run a moonshot.
Bad (the idea is impractical)

3rd Prize
3rd Prize

Example 3:
1000 word wiki article with graphics explaining a really cool new feature that is easy to implement but gives huge benefit.
Good! (Great idea well presented)

And now for the fun part...

1st. Prize:
FULLTONE OCD overdrive pedal

2nd. Price:

3rd. Prize:
D'Addario EXL110 Pro Pack

In terms of the competition itself:

- The competition will run for one month, and end April 22nd.
- Entries can be in posts, or contain links to the Wiki, Youtube or any other medium.
- Entries must be posted in the Upload thread (LINK!)
- At the competition close time, we will let the instructors pick the top 5 ideas
- The top 5 ideas will go to a vote to get 1st, 2nd 3rd
- Kris will comment on the winning ideas and give us all an idea of if/when we can put them into operation.

Upload thread here