Journal 2010-04-14 Good Stuff From Our Uploads Board

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Good Stuff from our Uploads Board

We've got loads of creativity going on in our boards, here are some pieces selected from our Uploads board that you shouldn't miss!

We have a cool video improvisation by Coffeeman called "Jimi Hendrix Meets John Frusciante", it sounds just great. user posted image

Some new tracks by Staffay come our way too, they are played live but sound so good they seem like studio takes, I Got You, Red House and Dust My Broom
Superize strikes back with a new video cover, this time recorded raw directly from his amp, no modelling here. Check his REC page too!
The Uncreator shares his latest song with us, and Trond Vold delivers a mind blowing "Experiment" that you should hear yourselves.

Still want more? We have plenty! Just check our Uploads Board and have a blast.