Journal 2010-05-04 Piano Ballad Collab by Daniel Realpe

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Daniel Realpe
Daniel Realpe

Piano Ballad Collab by Daniel Realpe

Here's our latest collab, led by GMC Instructor Daniel Realpe:

This collab is based on a nice soft piano chord progression using the following chords:

Eb – Abmaj7 – Bb – Gm – Cm – Cm/Bb – Cm/A – Ab6
Eb – Bb – G7 – Cm – Eb – Fm7 – Ab – Bb – Bbsus4 – Bb - Eb

As you can see it's in the key of Eb major and the suggested scales were: Eb major, C minor, C minor pentatonic (blue note adds a nice color to it).
Original backing used can be found here.

Here's the list of GMCers that have taken part, and the time line so you know who you are listening to in the final mix user posted image

- Kaz: (0:00-0:35)

- Empantheboy: (0:35- 1:09)

- Zen: (1:09-1:44)

- Guitarrero: (1:44-2:19)

- Karlss (2:19-2:54)

- Deleted: (2:54-3:29)

- Maharzan: (3:29 - 4:04)

- Daniel Realpe (4:04 - end)

Maharzan even provided an extra video take which you can watch here:

More activities are always running, so check our Collabs Board and jump in! user posted image