Journal 2010-05-14 Kristofer Dahl New Video - Red Shot

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Kristofer Dahl New Video - Red Shot

GMC's Rocker & Founder Kristofer Dahl just finished his latest video featuring "Red Shot", full of licks & riffs, check it user posted image

At the end of the video Kris explains some of his favourite licks in this tune, which covers a mix of minor & mixolydian scales as well as some blue notes, pinch harmonics & exotic whammy bar use. Good stuff, as usual user posted image

This is what Kris has to say about his latest creation:

"Hey guys - finally I have the pleasure to present new material!

This one was a lot of fun to do and I am currently very inspired to write more instrumental material.

Recoding wise I did a lot of stuff differently with this tune. I kept it very simple with a minimum amount of overdubs. I ended up with only five tracks + drums, compare that to my usual 50-60 tracks! As a substitute for lots of panned dubs (etc) I worked more with delays/chorus/pitch shifting etc.

This method of working saved me a lot of time, since I am quite slow at nailing tight rhythm guitars and mixing a song, and in my opinion this gave a more dynamic/real sounding mix. On the negative side the mix is is a little thinner - but I find that ok for this kind of guitar tune.

I have also sold off some of my old gear (including my beloved working horse amp Peavey XXX) and bought a Mark V combo and a line6 M13 pedal.

Thanks to the M13 (and more specifically its' tube compressor imitation) I rely on a real bass for the first time - I have never got decent real bass to sound good before - but this time I got something which I thought worked. It was a lot of fun to play bass! =)

The Mark V is a chapter on its' own (I am sure Rokchik will agree) and for those interested I can do more demos of it. For this tune I used the Mark I channel for all guitars.

I have also rediscovered my Parker guitar which I now find gives a very uncolored/natural guitar sound - as opposed to my strat which ads a lot of midrange and compression to the tone. I think part of the reason I am hearing this now is because of my new amp! Either way I recorded all guitars with the parker which I haven't used for recordings for a long time.

As usual I am grateful for any questions/comments you have - and you can expect a more extensive coverage of this tune in lessons to come!

Guitaring rocks!! "

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