Journal 2010-06-03 MTP Confirmed Lists For June

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MTP June 2010
MTP June 2010

MTP Confirmed Lists For June 2010

Community Coordinator Chris Evans has just announced the new MTP pairings for June-July-August 2010, so here's the list user posted image

Lian Gerbino

guitarx, gotaG, superize, Skewlbuzz, Praetorian, Savagejt

Pedja Simovic

Grindguer, NoSkill, maharzan, DenisN, piporz, Keilnoth, Joe, Ruzz, Artemus, Playaxeman, Zen

Adrian Figallo

ruben_mcn, MirkoSchmidt, Kaznie_NL, JamesT

Ivan Milenkovic

purple hayes, Sonny_NL, emirb

Bogdan Radovic

Gitarrero, MrBlomme, VictorUK

Congrats guys, we are sure you'll have a blast with your assigned instructors user posted image

Also remember that Chris Evans recently unveiled that a new program will be reborn in the very near future which Kristofer Dahl will announce to you just as soon as it's ready. So stay tuned to our boards! user posted image