Journal 2010-06-04 Plushed Rock Collab by Daniel Realpe

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Zen Playing this Collab
Zen Playing this Collab

Plushed Rock Collab by Daniel Realpe

An E mixolidyan/Bm pentatonic based rocking backing which begs for a solo is Daniel Realpe's latest proposal for our members, and they certainly used it well!

These are the members that you can hear in the final mix, Daniel himself plays the last licks user posted image

- Gitarrero: (0:00-0:47)

- NoSkill (0:47-1:32)

- Zen (1:32-2:15)

- Thefireball (2:15-3:00)

- Joe (3:00-3:44)

- Kaznie (3:44-4:29)

- JamesT (4:29-5:13)

- Daniel Realpe (5:13-END)

In case you didn't arrive in time to take part, you can always jam over the backing track user posted image

Keep an eye on our Collabs Boards, new activities are always going on! user posted image