Journal 2010-06-15 SkillOMatic - New GMC Virtual Band

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SkillOMatic - New GMC Virtual Band

It makes us happy to announce that we have a new Virtual Band at GMC, SkillOMatic!

SkillOMatic is formed by:

GMC Members:
Jafomatic - Guitars, Production, Guessgineering
NoSkill - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Rarely Helpful Opinions
Zen - Guitars, Vocals, Occasionally Helpful Opinions
Mygas - Hiatuses & Excuses

Non-GMC Member:
Lady Platypus - Vocals, No Opinion - "I'm just happy to be here."

Let's hear what NoSkill has to say about this new project, first song included at the end!:

"Hey GMC!

We are proud to announce our virtual band here at

A little over one year ago, while spending far too much time on GMC Chat, (and not enough time practicing guitar,) a friendship came to be. While discussing various elements of guitar, politics, religion, fast food, and youtube videos, the idea of our virtual band was tossed around. The founding members, NoSkill and Jafomatic, had a vision. A vision that they wanted to break free of the "Guitar Owner" moniker, and try and become, Guitar players! SkillOMatic was born.

Several ideas were tossed around and several music styles and concepts were played, recorded and distributed. Many of them were horrible. Actually, most of NoSkill's ideas were horrible. Jafomatic's ideas were not as horrible. At least his playing was tight(ish). But then, like a flash of lighting hitting the primordial ooze, Skill, hit a chord progression that made Jafomatic perk up. A sound of eyebrows raising, was heard throughout the musical underground. Most would have heard only the rumble of a hungry stomach, but SkillOMatic had a project!

Our good friend, and fellow GMC Chataholic, MyGas, answered the call and graciously contributed his ears to several more takes and tones. MyGas, however, had to take a hiatus from the band for school reasons and his contributions are missed and we look forward to him jumping on board this freight train to virtual success when he has more time.

After much prodding, solicitations, bribes, threats, and finally a concession, Zen agreed to join SkillOMatic where he could provide guitars and vocals. Zen is a tireless contributor and a great addition to the band. With Zen's help, we started down the road of producing our first finished piece. Zen brings us a heavier feel to rhythm guitars, and the vocal prowess we greatly needed.

With our first project nearing completion and countless edits and recording of new takes, we were pleased to welcome some background vocals to the mix from our good friend, Lady Platypus. Through the contributions of our members, and the help of GMC instructors and GMC members, we are proud to present our first track for your listening *pleasure*"

Music & Lyrics are copyright 2006 by America.

We are pleased to give you, Work To Do - SkillOMatic, 2010