Journal 2010-07-01 New Uploads From Our Members

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New Uploads From Our Members

Here are just some of the great additions we have enjoyed lately, uploaded by our members in our boards.

A few months ago Zen shared with us one of his great Maiden covers, and here's a new track he just covered with awesome playing, tone, video editing & attitude, enjoy "Run to The Hills":

Our dear Staffay never rests either, and here's a new version he just recorded of a Phil Lynott classic, "Don't believe a word", as usual Staffay plays it all and even programmed the drums etc. He says it's just a simple demo but it sounds so good you shouldn't miss it, just Click Here!

Time for heavier stuff now, Stringhammer took the time to record this hard theme from Nevermore, including Jeff Loomis solo in "The River Dragon Has Come", the video is done nicely too:

One last milder track from Machogriz, a sweet sounding, perfectly executed version of John Mayer's "Perfectly Lonely", played over the original. Yo can leave your comments about it here.

These are just some examples of the great amount of tracks uploaded by our members (and instructors too!) in our boards, check others out, they sure are inspiring!