Journal 2010-09-01 New Collab And Video Compilation By Daniel Realpe

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New Collab And Video Compilation By Daniel Realpe

Our Instructor Daniel Realpe keeps producing great collaborations and personal vids, let's take a look at his latest projects:

- The Led Piper Collab: Eight members took part on this 70's rock style collab showing a wide variety of techniques. Two different Am based backings were provided, one shorter and another longer one. As usual Daniel himself has included his own take at the end of the mix user posted image You can listen to the final mix here.

- New CoB video medley: On top of his collabs Realpe keeps delivering amazing video compilations of Children of Bodom solos. This time he plays all "Follow The Reaper" solos in one video, just like he did a few weeks ago with his Hatecrew Deathroll Compilation.