Journal 2010-10-01 Hotel Collab by Daniel Realpe

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Gitarrero records his take
Gitarrero records his take

Hotel Collab by Daniel Realpe

Daniel Realpe's latest Collab project is ready!

This time our members had to play over a backing based on the famous Hotel California track by the The Eagles, with a twist: the chord progression is transposed and goes like this:

Bm – F#7 - G – D
A9 – Em – G - F#7

With such premises, our members job was simple: solo over following the original vocal melody based on pentatonic & harmonic scales or go wild with any other possible lead and scale suitable for the backing user posted image

Daniel points out some handy tricks to start developing the leads, such as starting out with penta then slowly adding notes here and there to reach harmonic, follow the vocal line to inspire our phrasing, or following the chord progression to use their notes creating arpeggios out of them, and even getting inspiration from the original track's amazing solo. Possibilities are endless user posted image

As usual in Realpe's collabs he includes his own take at the very end of the final mix, which we are sure you'll love.