Journal 2010-10-08 Staffay is back with a great new song

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Staffay is back with a great new song

Our prolific member Staffay took three weeks to record this one, and we must say that its among his best yet! - Enjoy Love Will Conquer All

Some words from Staffay on the recording:

"I guess the lyrics and the tempo was the hardest part, at first I played 5 bpm slower but I could'nt get a good groove, so I had to remake it from the start"

DAW: Cubase, TC-Electronics Konnekt48, Powercore
Guitar: Miced with two SM 58 and RÖDE condenser mics
Three guitar tracks, wah-wah and pitch-shift from Waves
and a little Univibe at the end of the solo.
Vocals recorded with RÖDE and presonus tube-pre-amp for a little distorsion.