Journal 2010-10-20 The Big GMC Collab

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The Big GMC Collab

It's finally here!, an amazing project which started back in August has just seen the light, and the result couldn't be better :)

Some of our finest Intructors and students joined forces to come up with an amazing final fix, spiced up with their best riffs & solos. Kris has worked hard to video-edit all the different takes, along with GMC's Mastering Engineer Tony Miro.

Kristofer Dahl: "As you can see all the participants did an absolutely mind-blowing job. I still lack words to describe how impressed I am with these collabs." - "I think GMCers show evidence of a unique musical sense - I would never have guessed you could take players from such diverse background and experience level, put them all on a polka...and get this. What we have here is something truly special."