Journal 2010-11-04 GMC Song Composition Collab

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Song Collab
Song Collab

GMC Song Composition Collab

A new global GMC collab is now open for all members user posted image

Rocker and founder Kristofer Dahl is looking for anyone willing to share his ideas for the upcoming Song Composition Collab. We are aiming to write a tune all together, based on the chords, riffs, melodies and beats that our members come out with. At this initial stage all material & ideas are welcome, it's a brainstorm proccess to obtain as many licks as possible, and then build something cool from there.

Let's hear what Kris has planned for starters:

You start by submitting your ideas - it could be a guitar pro tab showing a verse or chorus riff/chords/melody, or a real recording.
We brainstorm a little about what direction we want to go for and then I will start working on a draft and we will see what happens. The goal is to get a youtube video up with our song!
Everyone is invited- if you aren't comfortable recording yourself you can still submit ideas and someone else might end up playing them on the recording.

You can use this thread for your uploads! user posted image