Journal 2010-12-02 Spread The Word Competition

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Spread The Word Competition

GMC Founder Kristofer Dahl just let us know about the latest Official GMC Competition, Spread The Word user posted image

These are the rules!

1. Shoot a GMC related photo! Simply hold a piece of paper that says : "GMC Rules!", snap a photo next to a monitor with "GMC" on it, or GMC web address written on a wall etc etc... Your face doesn't have to be visible but something relating to GMC is a must and no Photoshop please! Try to make it as cool and funny as possible. Outdoor pictures are encouraged too - if you take one in front of a local landmark while holding GMC banner (or picture of Kristofer haha!) - it would be awesome! Use your imagination and sense of humor - there are no limits!

2. Write up a short text on what you dig about GMC.

3. Post the photo and written text bellow it - in the Uploads thread.

4. The competition deadline for entry submission will be 14th of December 2010.

5. Once the competition closes, voting will start and most interesting photos will be chosen by GMC Staff with a help from GMC fans through social networks!

And now the best part, which is always the tasty Prizes!

1st Prize: MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay


2nd Prize: Line 6 POD Studio GX


3rd Prize: Boss DB-30


Our dear bass instructor Bogdan Radovic will be managing this Competition, so feel free to post here any questions you may have, and GooD LucK ALL! user posted image