Journal 2010-12-19 GMC Christmas eCard

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GMC Christmas eCard

A new Official GMC greeting card is out these days, it's december, it's cold & snowy... yeah!, You guessed right, enjoy our GMC Christmas eCard!, by our drawer Jason Nocera user posted image

Image:Christmas Final.jpg

The file above is a JPG. This can simply be post on your friends facebook, myspace or any other social network page. Then you can just add your own comment with it.

Below you can get the PDFs of the US and A4 Versions. These are meant to be downloaded and printed on your home computer.
The US version is slightly wider and a bit shorter, it's 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

GMC Christmas eCard A4
GMC Christmas eCard US

Instructions: The printed card would fold up, behind the other printed part. And then you would fold it in half again. So really two folds in half. The witches are the front. The "Have a Rockin' Halloween!" Would be the right inside, and the back would be "This card brought to you by..." (The left inside would be blank).

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