Journal 2010-12-23 GMC Scale Generator

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GMC Scale Generator
GMC Scale Generator

GMC Scale Generator

A great new feature arrives just in time to shred these Christmas, our very own GMC Scale Generator user posted image

The new Scale Generator works great, and it's so easy to use: just select the Key, and then the scale, and it will automatically generate it on the virtual fretboard. All scales included, from the useful Pentatonic, Major and Minor, to the darkest exotic scales, all can be found here with just a single click.

It can also generate the image files ready to be used anywhere on the net. Here's, for instance, the classic E minor scale, just created with the generator:


The scale generator automatically creates direct links to the .jpg files, html embedding code and even the BB code to add the image in our boards.

A great addition to the site, which will be useful for our students to learn, check and print the scales, and also for our instructors to easily generate them and have them included in their lessons.