Journal 2010-12-27 GMC Keyword Feature

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GMC Keyword Feature

At GMC we are certainly on a spree of new features & activities to farewel 2010!

Our latest improvement comes from our development team in the shape of cool little Keywords highlighted all over our boards & lessons! user posted image

These keywords have a dotted underline, so that you can click on them and read a brief explanation. Theory Instructor Andrew Cockburn is responsible for the explanations and you can expect him to add more of them (with your help - stay tuned for more info).

We have gathered all these entries in the Knowledge Base too, and you guys can reach them through the link that appears within the keyword explanation. We are aiming to create bigger, richer explanations about these terms in there, with examples, pictures and further information. This is a wiki, so you are all all invited to take part and add all the info you know about any of them. Together we are building the best guitar wiki on the net! - More Info Here!

As always we are grateful for any feedback you might have! We hope this new feature will make it a little easier to learn from the site.