Journal 2011-01-14 Rock Riff Collab Final Mix

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K1R, Rocking the Collab
K1R, Rocking the Collab

Rock Riff Collab Final Mix

Our Instructor Daniel Realpe shows us the result of his latest Collab, based on riffing this time user posted image

The idea of this collab was to make the greatest possible riff over the backing track, being it simple, complex, muted, open, etc.
Chord progression used over the backing:

A - F - C - G

A - F - G - E

A - F - C - G

A - C - D - F - G

Four of our members gave it a try, and Daniel Realpe recorded his own take at the end too, as he usually does user posted image
Here's the Final Mix, enjoy! user posted image