Journal 2011-01-24 New Licks Of The Day

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New Licks of the Day
New Licks of the Day

Licks of the Day - New generation

Our classic "Lick of the day" section is about to be revamped with brand new licks and a new interface too user posted image

Kristofer Dahl's free "Licks of the day" are a classic GMC trademark, and we sure love these mini-lessons that help us spice our solos with fast, tasty ideas.

More instructors will create new daily licks now, and we will enjoy them through a modern interface, similar to the one used in our lessons.

Here's an example for starters user posted image
(Note that, for now, only active subscribers can see this, although it will be open to all when the feature launches)

As you can see, video quality is mind blowing. Makes you reach inside your screen and grab that guitar! user posted image

These new generation of Licks of the Day will be available soon, featuring a larger screen size, better resolution, backing tracks and tabs. Full fledged mini-lessons! user posted image