Journal 2011-02-03 GMC Lesson Type Poll

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Lesson Poll
Lesson Poll

GMC Lesson Type Poll

There's a vast amount of lessons at our member's disposal at GMC, yet we are interested to know what you guys wish to find in our site, in case there's not enough!

That's why our Instructor Andrew Cockburn is running a big poll these days, to gather information and check that we are giving you the right kind of lessons, and you are enjoying them user posted image

These are the things we wish to know:
- What genres interest you the most?
- What playing styles interest you the most?
- What lesson types interest you the most?

Please fill it in and, as always, give us your additional thoughts and comments in this thread.

In particular, we won't be adding every possible sub-genre in the poll itself, so if you are a fan of Icelandic undead-viking-space-black-metal let us know! Also, along with those genres it would be helpful if you could give us suggested bands that we could do lessons on.

As ever, thanks for your input!