Journal 2011-03-18 New Lick Competition

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Lick of the Month Competition

Our member Quadrium (Dogukan) brings a new Competition to our boards, the "Lick of the Month", let's hear what's it all about!

Ok guys. It's time to revive a old competition - Members Lick of the Month. From now on, at the end of the each month, we will choose a member who has submitted the best Lick of the Month. And the winner will be featured on our Facebook page and GMC Journal.

Submission Guidelines:

1) First open a thread called - Lick name - Date.
Quadrium - Steve Vai Style Legato Lick - March 2011

2) Give us some explanations about the lick and yourself.

3) Submit only one video file in your thread that includes the lick at full speed and a slower tempo.

4) Submit a tab explanation of your lick. It can be a normal tab or Guitar Pro tab.

Competition Rules:

1) Each member can enter the competiton with only one lick. If you have submitted more than one lick you have to choose only one of them and send a PM to Quadrium.

2) At the end of the each month Me, Chris Evans and Bogdan Radovic will choose 3 licks for voting. Then I will open a thread for voting called --> Date - Lick of the Month -

3) The member who gets the most votes will be our Lick of the Month winner and featured on our Facebook page and GMC Journal.

Competiton will start from April 1st.