Journal 2011-04-19 Attitude Competition Winners

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Attitude Competition Winners

We have the winners of our latest Competition at GMC, one which was all about attitude!

This is the official announcement from GMC Admin Justin Myrick in our boards:

To all you head-bangin', metal horns throwin', and mean muggin' rockers that submitted your takes in the "Show Your Attitude" competition, WE SALUTE YOU!!

I must say picking winners was quite difficult because each and every video displayed tremendous amounts of attitude. After a long debate we have chosen.

1st: TheFireball- 5 minutes of entertaining, classic rocker stance, great head bangin', and great facial expressions.
2nd: Rated Htr - great head bangin, priceless facial expressions, and having a cape always helps!
3rd: Superize - awesome facial expressions, good head bangin', good energy, and a solid metal horns ending.

Congrats to the winners! I must say that we do have to honorably mention the following members:

Gitarrero - nice metal horns, great head bangin', and awesome facial expressions.
Marek - split screen rocked, also great head bangin', and good energy.
Amir - great exaggerated strums, great angles, and nice full body bangs.
Maharzan - super technical, great facial expressions, and good energy.

There you have it GMC'ers! Nice work. For all of those who didn't get the chance or missed the competition, never fear, there's many more to come!!!

Watch our winner's vids:


Rated Htr


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