Journal 2011-06-03 Forum Restructured

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Forum Restructured

GMC Boards are the heart of our community. You can interact with our instructors and members there, ask your doubts, help others and give your feedback and ideas to make GMC even better each day user posted image

It's a pleasure to announce that we have restructured them so that they are faster and easier to navigate. To do so their number has shrinked quite a bit, and they have been merged into four categories: Practice Room, Instructors, REC and Chill Out. Oh, and we have reserved and extra spot for our older threads too, at the Vintage GMC board too user posted image

The boards are also home of many of our activities, such as competitions, collaborations, virtual bands, REC program, wiki projects and so many other cool features. Stick around and get the most of GMC!

Here you can take a look at the older setup: