Journal 2011-09-11 REC Even Easier

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REC easier than Ever!

REC is one of our most important and successful programs at GMC. It's been rolling since march 2009, and loads of students are taking part, with an amazing amount of lessons posted on youtube, (Over a thousand!), all graded by our instructors.

Starting this month, uploading our REC takes will be easier than ever with a special button which allows us to do so with a simple click!

So, are you interested in joining REC? GMC Admin & Bass Instructor Bogdan explains it in three easy steps!


- Practice a GMC lesson that you like.
- Download the backing track.
- Record a video of your playing along the backing track.


- Upload the video of your playing to Youtube.
- Click on the "post your take" button, paste the Youtube video link and push the "Submit REC Thread" button.


Your REC take will appear in this board. Instructors will grade your submission and give you valuable feedback on your playing. Recording yourself has proven to be the best way towards progress. Not only that you need to practice hard to record the video, but you will have a clear picture of your progress by watching videos you made in the past. Shooting the video will give you a totally new perspective on your playing and with the help of GMC instructors you will easily identify areas you need to work on to become a great guitar player.

YES - it is that EASY.

Go for it!