Journal 2012-02-23 GMC You Are Gonna Love It Video Collab

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GMC You Are Gonna Love It Video Collab

It's here! Our latest BIG collab is more than that. It's a new GMC hymn. user posted image

There's so much to mention about this great track that our instructors and students have put together, but let's watch it before our Instructor Gabriel Leopardi explains it all!

Gabriel Leopardi:

Let me tell you about the process of this one and some thoughts. Here you can find the original thread where everything started: LINK

This tune started as a regular Video Collab. I had the riffs and chorus for this song in my Cirse's demos folder and shared the idea with Kris who really like it. That's why I decided to start the thread announcing a big collab that will feature Kris as the vocalist for the song. After that the tune started to become more and more awesome thanks to everybody's contributions.

Quadrium wrote the first ideas for the lyrics the same day that I posted the song! Then Kris took those ideas, arranged it and re-wrote some sections. Bogdan recorded the Bass Guitar which has been arranged with a really good taste and played so tight. When Kris posted his vocal takes I was amazed by his interpretation. He is like a chameleon when he sings, he has many different voices and in this song I think that he shows a new dimension of his vocal abilities. He sounds aggressive, melodic, serious, funny at the same time, I feel that his voice fits so well with the tune.

Then, the awesome GMCers started to post their amazing takes, Quadrium's take (at 1:49)was recorded over the chorus chord progression and the melodies that he recorded sound very emotive. Ivan's playing (01:37) is so Maiden for me in this one, I love his tone and the video looks cool with that effect that he added. Nimrandir (01:23) sincerely has blown my mind, not only his technique is top level, the solo composition is perfect, it evolves like the professional player's solos. In the end you will find ElHombre take, he recorded something when the collab was already closed, but as he was so exited with the idea and I saw that he has a really cool energy I decided to give him a change. His take adds some arrangements and bends over the last G - M - C part. My solo is simple and rocker, it was the solo that I recorded in the original demo for the song, I have kept it because I really like its groove and power. You will also see Quadrium playing some cool keyboard ideas over the bridge and chorus.

Then I recorded all the rhythm guitars again with my Tube amp and started mixing the tune. At the same time we started a thread to invite everybody to record a video saying "Practice", "GMC" or singing the chorus for the song. As this is a new GMC hymn we wanted everybody appear here singing it. An well, we have the appearance of Cosmin, Sensible Jones, Ulrik, Procyon & Marfol.

With all this material I edited the Video Clip. The project was very heavy and it took some job to get the final video that you will see. I want to thank every guy that has participated on this tune, I must say that this is my biggest project here and Im so proud of what we get. This is the evidence of how cool a song can be done if many GMCers work together! user posted image