Journal 2012-03-22 New Finished Collabs

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These are just some of our latest finished collabs.
Do you like what you hear? Then be on our next vids, you have plenty to choose from here

Lydian Spring Love

Here's our first finished collab of the month, led by Cosmin Lupu and featuring our members Derper, Sensible Jones, Steve-rec-freak, thefireball and Cosmin user posted image

Grunge Vs Metal

The backing track in this one was made out of 2 types of riffs - a grungy one and a metal one. Our member's task was to choose whichever they liked and solo over it, while trying to wear an outfit appropriate to the style they chose user posted image

In order of appearence: Rammikin, Gitarrero, Todd, ElHombre, Derper and Cosmin himself user posted image

Slash Video Collab

A short collab led by Gabriel Leopardi, in which instructor Todd Simpson & Gitarrero tried their best to emulate a guitar hero such as Slash!.

Fusion insanity collab

This one was Alex Feather's first collab, and it sported an amazing Ami7 - D9 funky backing, excellent to practice blues, pentatonic and dorian scales user posted image

Listen to it HERE.
Big thanks to Zoom, Casinostrat, DeGroot, Derper & Coffeeman. Great job all!

Fanatic Collab

Sinisa's latest project is ready too! You can listen to the final mix here.

Thanks to Derper, DeGrot, Cassien and Nimradir for their takes user posted image