Journal 2012-04-03 Lydian Spring Love Collab

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Lydian Spring Love Collab

Here's our first finished collab of the month, led by Cosmin Lupu and featuring our members Derper, Sensible Jones, Steve-rec-freak, thefireball and Cosmin himself user posted image

This was the original collab concept, by Cosmin:

I had a little idea in mind with this one Since Spring is a time for fresh new starts, love, sunshine and all that sort of stuff (hope it is in your book as well) here's what we shall do with this one:

- Think about your significant other and make up a little solo over this track which will fit into 16 bars and would describe what you feel for that person - of course, it can also be someone you like, if you are single

- In your video, but only if you want to, place a picture of that person somewhere in the room - it doesn't necessarily have to be obvious and hitting everyone in the eye, or does it? Your choice here!

- In the end I hope we will have a giant love song dedicated to the people we love

All that being said - let's see the tech specs:

Tempo: 140 BPM

Scales used: F Lydian/ C Ionian

Progression: FM7 CM7