Judas Priest - Nostradamus Review

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Judas Priest - Nostradamus
Judas Priest - Nostradamus


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Judas Priest

Album: Nostradamus

Genre: Heavy Metal


~Act 1~
01. Dawn Of Creation
02. Prophecy
03. Awakening
04. Revelations
05. The Four Horseman
06. War
07. Sands Of Time
08. Pestilence And Plague
09. Death
10. Peace
11. Conquest
12. Lost Love
13. Persecution

~Act 2~
01. Solitude
02. Exiled
03. Alone
04. Shadows In The Flame
05. Visions
06. Hope
07. A New Beginning
08. Calm Before The Storm
09. Nostradamus
10. Future Of Mankind


After the song "Prophecy" had ended, I knew that Judas Priest had created there most ambitious and daring album to date. The sound has never been better, the guitar tone is just incredible, the drums are magnificent, the bass is kickin', and Robs Voice has never been better. From start to finish this nearly 2 hour adventure through the life and predictions of Nostradamus will leave you in utter awe and amazement. I never bored of this album once.


Glenn and KK show once again why they are one of the most legendary guitar duos ever. The classic priest riffage is alive and well, but you can see similarities to albums from Painkiller, Angel Of Retribution, and even all the way back to Sad Wings Of Destiny and Stained Class, Yet still they keep it fresh and new, Never tiring or letting down. The solo trade-offs in "Persecution" will leave you in awe, from the duels ands trade-offs the tone is great, the technique is perfected. From sweeping, tapping, legato, insane alternate picking, all done with taste and impeccable phrasing. On top of that Priest also utilize an orchestra to its fullest, blending the guitar riffs with the orchestra creating a massive sound. Then there are the songs like "Lost Love" and "Exiled", which are slower, and oriented around Clean guitars, and some of Glenn and KK's best solos yet shine here. I will dare to say this is even better than Painkiller (Forgive me OC ). Also they have the classic priest melodies, that remind of The Ripper, that classic intro, and even some British Steel in there as well.


What I liked most about this is that its never hidden, and the tone is so tight and strong and so well blended in. Its always heavy and right there, yet its not forced out, Its very natural and flows perfectly with the entire record. In the song 'Future Of Mankind', it ends the album perfectly, its tone shows the best, and the sounds is great through and through.


Scott Travis, by far one of the best drummer and Judas Priest's best drummer hammers on the skins at his best performance of his career. The song "Persecution" has an awesome, memorable Painkiller like intro, albeit shorter though. "Prophecy", "Revelations", "War" and "Pestilence and Plague" have some of the best drum work on this album. Fast, technical, great tom work, awesome snare and double bass tone, Its like the amazingness of the drums on the song Painkiller, But applied to all 23 songs of this album. Sheer, Utterly, Flawless.....Perfection.


Rob Halford has always been The Metal God, and on Nostradamus he shows us mortals how its done. From the very start he sings with pure passion, conviction and dedication. As the voice of Nostradamus himself, The Four Horseman, or whatever character, he sings each part with utter conviction and passion. The vocals on "Persecution" are phenomenal, the emotion put into "Exiled" and "Lost Love" will bring a tear to your eye, and the hellish banshee scream in "Alone" will test the strength of your heart and soul. Not only is this probably Halfords best performance, Its probably one of the best you will ever hear from a vocalist. His performance is one attained through years of practice and touring, And it has payed off in ways I could not of imagined.


Even though they are about the life and events that happened to Nostradamus, there written in such way where they can speak to an individual on a personal level. Nostradamus dealt with things like being disliked for what he believed in, loosing a loved one, and feeling alone in the world, Something people can relate to. Not one song becomes stale or dry, there vivid and enthralling, written to flow together like a perfect book.

From "Lost Love"

I carry with me all the love that you give
You brought me serenity - A reason to live
Our life is a journey
That we seek from the start
We made all these memories together

I can remember
The first time that we met
The feelings you gave to me - I'll never forget
I knew that from that moment
When our love first began
We'd last till the end of time, Forever

And though there were bad times
We stood by each other
And did what we had to get through

You live in my heart - When you're far away
I see you in dreams - When I hear you say
I'm with you forever in true love
By light of the day - and stars above

From "Persecution"

Against there holy laws
I'll do what it takes
I've met there kind before
We're martyrs burned at their stakes

They try to dominate
I'll be a thorn in their side
They underestimate
The willpower feeding my pride

Under the hand of persecution
Defy the institution

Their words just crucify
Condemning truth that I seek
They cannot justify
The pain, they havoc they wreak

I never will conform
The faith is deep to the core
I stand against reform
I'll never kneel down before

Overall Impression

I doubt any album this year can top it, Or will. Its Judas Priest's best album, showcasing all there skills that they have acquired and then some you didnt know they had. Just phenomenally done, in every way, it was well worth the wait, Go get it now.