Khanate- Khanate Review

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Khanate- Khanate
Khanate- Khanate

General Information

Original Author: VinceG

Artist: Khanate

Album: Khanate

Genre: Drone Metal

Record Label: Southernlord Records


Southernlord Record is famous for there Death, Doom, Drone musicians. Especially Boris, Sunn O))), Burning Witch, and Warhorse to name a few. Stephen O'malley was the mastermind for this drone project. To describe this album in a few words it would be Torture, Serial Killing soundtrack. The album feels like Stephen O'malley was torturing and mudering someone while making this music because its filled with slow, heavy, droning music, high squeeling vocals, and a really earry atmoshphere. Its like beeing in the mind of a serial killer. Offcourse this is drone metal so its nothing like any metal you have ever heard. This music was so bashed by metal fans for its non-musical elements. Its more of a music for the fans who understand how sick and twisted this people are. Which is me haha.

Overall this album receaved a perfect score for me because it gave me such a earry and messed up feeling that I just have to keep listening to it over and over.


10 out of 10. Step into the mind of a psychopath and view his mind first hand.