Kjutte - Metal Solo SI Lesson

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Hi again guys.

I fell in love with Joe Kataldo's collab backing, so I thought I'd make a lesson of the solo I did there. Well, it's a bit altered. I added a diminished line also.

Main Movie

Here's the main movie:

Joe_lesson.mpg ( 4.21MB )

Metal_solo.gp5 ( 2.58K )


Shape 1 - Intro

Basic pattern of descending phrygian dominant.
I'm sure you should have no problem pulling this off, but be aware that you need a strong vibrato to make it sound rough at the last note. The bridge pickup is used.

Shape 1 (2.99MB)

Shape 2 - Squeel'n'Shred

Here I do a squeel with the whammy bar. You need to use your bridge pickup, and hold your finger right on the 17th metal fret of the G string. After that, I play some more phrygian dominant descending runs.
Now it switches pretty fast though, I switch to neck pickup, and do a shredline.
To get the sound that I have, you really gotta do this pickup change.
At the very end of the shred, I change back to brige pickup for regular rough lead and vibrato.

Shape 2 (4.48MB)

Shape 3 - Diminished lick + outro

Starting here I do a symmetrical minor 3rd interval in octaves. This is a diminished lick.
Some staccatto playing after it, strong vibrato as usual to make it sound metal.
Honestly, I always use strong vibrato, I think it adds alot more personality and feel to the given piece.

Shape 3 (3.7MB)

And, that's that. I hope you like my lesson!
I'll add a GP file and tab paper as usual.

Good luck!