Kjutte - Shreds And Sweeps SI Lesson

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My name is Kjetil Larsen. I live in Norway, Drammen. Quite close to the capital Oslo.

I've played the guitar for exactly 4 years, and my favorite guitarists are: Shawn Lane, Vinnie Moore, Tony Macalpine, Gary Moore, Robert Marcello, etc.

I work as an automation-electrician (PLC and such.) On freetime, I mostly spend my time with wife, kid, computer games and of course the guitar.

Shape 1 - Cmaj7add aug5 arpeggio

This is a Cmaj7 arpeggio shape, with an added augmented 5th. It really adds some tension. You can add this note in several places, but as I am not great with sweeps and economy picking, I made a seperate slow take for this. The last slide is just a chromatic, I added it 'cus it sounded cool. user posted image

Video_8.wmv ( 2.65MB )

Maj7_add_aug5.gp5 ( 1.61K )

maj7_add_aug5___page_1.bmp ( 543.33K )

Shape 2 - Diatonic shred

Easy to learn-shred line with some string skipping.
As always, switch between max speed and max clean speed to learn this.
That way you practise strength&stamina aswell as syncronization.

Video_10.wmv ( 3.25MB )

em_shred___page_1.bmp ( 543.33K )

Em_shred.gp5 ( 1.96K )

Shape 3 - Diatonic sweeps

Same principle here.
I start off with an descending Bmin7 arpeggio, ascending Cmaj7, descending Dmaj7 and finally ascending Amaj7.

Video_12.wmv ( 2.79MB )

Diatonic_Sweeps.gp5 ( 1.81K )

Diatonic_sweeps___page_1.bmp ( 576.69K )

Shape 4 - Modulating Arpeggios

This is a Maj7 arpeggio with wholetone intervals. I think it sounds quite interesting.

Video_11.wmv ( 5.2MB )

Modulating_maj7_arpeggio.gp5 ( 1.98K )

Modulating_maj7_arpeggio___page_1.bmp ( 824.51K )

Shape 5 - Finally, the slow aug5 arpeggio with octaves

Self explanatory.

Video_13.wmv ( 2.99MB )

Slow_maj7_add_aug5.gp5 ( 1.63K )

Slow_maj7_add_aug5___page_1.bmp ( 560.01K )

And that's that. I hope this gives some motivation and ideas to you guys!

Best regards