Korg Guitar/ Bass Tuner GA-30 Review

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Guitar/ Bass Tuner GA-30
Guitar/ Bass Tuner GA-30



Original author: Eat-Sleep-AndJam

Weapon: Tuner

Make: Korg

Model: GA-30

Price: 15 U.S dollars


You walk into your living room and there is your Ibanez Jem . Looking as beautiful as ever , and there is your little sister , giving her take on tuning the guitar and turns the knobs visiciously back and forth with no known knowledge of what she has done. Your guitar now sounds like a piece of .....well you know. And you just hate tuning it by hand. Or you just want tuning your guitar or bass to be a breeze ?

Then youve found what you needed. Ladies and Gentlemen the Korg Tuner.

Why You Should Have It

The Korg Tuner is a guitar/bass tuner that has a built in microphone that picks up the strings your playing when your playing them. Of course you might need some general knowledge of what your doing with a tuner this is still a great buy .

Price: The price , Imo is very fair. For 15 U.S dollars, its yours.

Usage The Korg Tuner takes 2 Triple A Batteries.

Overall Impressions

If your looking for an easy to use tuner and you dont want to burn a hole in your pocket, this is for you.

Heres a Link to the Tuner

Alternate Tuner : You could also buy the Korg Tm-40 Digital Tuner and Metronome. Here is a link to that

Hoped this Helped! - John