Korpiklaani - Tervaskanto Review

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Korpiklaani - Tervaskanto
Korpiklaani - Tervaskanto


General Information

Original Author: Owen

Artist: Korpiklaani

Album: Tervaskanto

Genre: Folk Metal


01. Let's Drink
02. Tervaskanto
03. Viima
04. Veriset Äpärät
05. Running with Wolves
06. Liekkiön Isku
07. Palovana
08. Karhunkaatolaulu
09. Misty Fields
10. Vesilahden Veräjillä
11. Nordic Feast


The rampant Finnish Folk Metal band that is Korpiklaani (translated as the "Forest People") has always had a very unique, individual sound. They rely upon the synchronized chaos of all their instruments - including at times bagpipes, flutes and accordions to provide such a fast paced frenzy of folk style dancing music that literally makes you want, at times, to get up and do a jig around your room. It is well recorded, the production is spot on in the placing of all the instruments. Some however may complain that it lacks the simplicity and charm of the bands earlier offerings or that the instrumentation drowns out certain parts of the music, whilst these statements are both true, Korpiklaani have in Tervaskanto managed to produce yet another fast-paced piece of musical genius with some very catchy songs filled with rampant melody lines and obvious folk styling.


A great degree of this album is sung in the native Finnish tongue - Sunni, this however is so well integrated that it should not deter the casual listener and the album does have a decent amount of English sung songs. Korpiklaani's lyrical opus is centered upon such topics as folk stories, beer swigging and of course nature. They are not frightened to express their rampant alcoholic nature from even the first track in, with Jonne Järvelä yelling from his raspy, very much individual voice : -

"Little red house, potato field.
Little forest, lake as far as you can see.
Woodshed, for my home brewed beer,
perfect place for drunkards like me"

This very much sets the tone of laid back franticness that dominates the entire album. At times however, the tone is much more contemplative as shown by the nostalgic piece of lyrical writing below: -

"I can remember the horses of the pasture
misty mornings and cool of the evenings.
I can remember when the wind whistles
in the corners of the house. "

Whilst the majority of Korpiklaani's best lyrical composition may well be in the Sunni pieces they can create some stunning imagery from their simplistic english stanza's.


7 Järvelä's gruff melodic growl may not be for everyone but it is very much interpretable and clear to the ears as to what he is saying and from that aspect there can be no complaints. For some however his style may not be endearing to their ears, it is really one of the main sections of the band where metal is indeed combined with folk and to appreciate them you probably have to like both.

Guitar Work

The guitar work is simple, comprising mostly of chugging power chords when it is required, there is little use of much else in the music, the use of some of the other instruments however makes up for the lax of complexity and at various intervals Korpiklaani do utilize some very nice folk styled finger picking.

Overall Impression

Fun, fast and funky are three words that come to mind when describing Korpiklaani's latest offering, its got a fair abundance of catchy songs and should appeal to even the non-metal listener, it's a very upbeat album which makes it fairly unique in the modern metal scene, and whilst it may not be anything new to original fan's of the band, to anyone new it is well worth a listen... or a jig.

Recommended Tracks :
01. Let's Drink
02. Tervaskanto