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Krank Amplication


Krank Amps are the new kids on the block when it comes to amplifier making. Based out of Arizana USA and formed in 2003 by amp master Tony Dow and business man Jody Dankburg. They promised to produce a no frills all tube amplifier and they deliveried. Krank has a small line of awsome high end products. Keeping their stuff clean and simple, it seems like a step back to most amps now days but for the guys at Krank amps it may be a step forward. Offering great tone no strings attached.



The world of Krank gear starts with the Revolution Series of amplifiers.

Revolution Series

Krank Revolution 100watt Tube Guitar Head

Krank Revolution +

Chadwick 50 watt-two Channel Classic Valve Head

Krank Rev Jr

Krank Combo

To kick krank into full gear Krank presents the Krankensien Series

Krankenstein series

Krank Krankenstein 100W Tube Guitar Head( designed by Dimebag Darrel )


Krank has just rescently begun a line of effect pedals, most notably the Krank Shaft distortion pedal.


The Krank standard cab is a wood frame solidly built for great resonance with 4 12 inch custom voiced Eminence speakers. Metal front pannel and offered in 5 different Tolex colours.

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Krank Amps have made their mark primarily upon metal. With such huge names as Metallica, Shadows Fall, Pantera ( Dimebag ), Amon Amarth, Dethklok, Behemoth, Dream Evil, Firewind and many others its hard to say that this amp does not dominate the high gain areas of music. Krank is a great amp for metal, super tight cleans and distorted tones + warm and full cleans this amp has all around versitility.


Artists who use krank include

Dime Bag Darrel- Pantera

Jon Donais- Shadows Fall

Matt Bachand - Shadows Fall

James Hetfield - Metallica

Rick Rubin

Joey Floyd- Toby Kieth

Tommy Victor



Stone Sour

Skwisgaar and Toki - DethKlok

Jeff and Steve- Nevermore

Soil Work

Phil- As I lay dying

Gus G- Firewind

Marcus Henderson- Guitar Hero Video Game

Nergel- Behemoth

Brian and John-Black Dahlia Murder

and many others

GMC Members and Instructors

Members who use Krank Products: Instructors Bold Yours