MXR KFK Kerry King EQ Pedal Review

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Kerry King 10 Band EQ
Kerry King 10 Band EQ


General Information

Original Author: Guitarman700

Weapon: MXR KFK Kerry King 10 Band EQ Pedal

Make: MXR

Model: KFK

Price: $140


Made by MXR
Bulletproof steel case
Gain booster
Dual output


The real beauty of this pedal is that it seems to capture the natural sound of your guitar, allowing you to tweak to your hearts content. So far, it seems very versatile, and the sound is crisp and clear. However, this beast really shines when you crank the gain to 10, and scoop the mids. Then add a little gain boost, and you've got death and brutality in a box. 10/10

Ease Of Use

I'll start off by saying I've never used an EQ before, but this was very easy to set up. it came with a power supply, so I just hooked up and played. The sliders on the EQ light up, allowing you to see the settings on a dark stage. dialing in the right mix of EQ and gain with the sliders and gain boost, was very easy, and only took a minute to get a good sound. 8.5/10


This one's easy. It made of Bulletproof steel, so you could drive a tank over this thing, and still use it. 10/10

Overall Impression

This pedal is absolutely amazing, and probably the best EQ pedal out there, very versatile, but suited for high gain playing styles. The 10 sliders allow extensive customization of your tone. An amazing pedal. 10/10