Maharzan - Tapping Basic Exercises SI Lesson

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Hey Folks!

First of all, BIG THANKS to Christian Vidal, who showed me these exercises in the Video Chat few days ago and I just wanted to share it to all the beginners out there. This is no way for people who are already into Tapping.


So, long story short, I am going to share these short exercises but very important one if you are looking to start learning some Tapping. I am no way a master of Tapping and frankly, I am just starting out this technique although I am quite good (I guess) with Alternate Picking, Legato stuff.

Most of you must have already done this kind of exercise while you are starting out with other techniques like Alternate Picking. So, things should be pretty straight forward. Just to explain to some beginners, we will be focusing on finger independence, which means we are doing exercises that makes your finger independent of each other and strengthen them as well.


We will take 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th frets as an example but you can do it anywhere you want. And we will tap in the 12th fret. Any finger of your right hand to do. I feel comfortable with middle finger as you can hold your pick with your index finger if you are playing other techniques in the song. user posted image

To start with, we will use hammer-ons, hammer-on 5th fret (low E string) with index finger, hammer-on 6th fret with middle finger and tap 12th fret with your right hand. We repeat as we go high up the strings.

Then, as to come back, we will use pull-offs. Tap / Pull-off 12th fret by right hand and then, pull-off 6th fret to 5th fret. We repeat it until we reach the low E string.

Explaining it in words might be confusing so please look at the video for how it sounds. I have played it slow so you can grasp it.
We repeat it on all finger combinations.

At the end, just not to get boring, I have included a Am Pentatonic Tapping exercise.


Here is the video. It should be self explanatory.


This is a straight forward exercise and you could be able to do it by looking at the video. Nevertheless, I have included a Guitar Pro file for exercises:
Guitar Pro Tab: tapping_basics.gp5 ( 5.08K )

And Am Pentatonic Tapping exercise (when you get bored):
Guitar Pro Tab Am: Am_Pentatonic_Tapping.gp5 ( 2.08K )

Hope it helps you in some way. Let me know if you have any confusion or questions. I will post more as I learn.
Thanks and Good Luck,