Marshall Mg30dfx Review

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Marshall Mg30dfx
Marshall Mg30dfx



Original author: Nick325

Weapon: Amp

Make: Marshall

Model: MG30DFX

Price: $230 USD

Playing Style: All


Can fit with any style of music. Rock, blues, metal, jazz, etc.


It has 3 channels, clean, distortion, and effects. The clean channel knobs are bass and treble. The distortion channel knobs are gain, bass, contour, and treble. The digital effects are delay, chorus, flange and reverb. FDD (Frequency Dependent Damping). Emulated Line Out jack and Headphone jack. CD input which allows you to play along to your favorite discs.

Best Features

Effects and can get so loud the walls shake!!!!!


Nothing really except you can only use one effect at a time.


9 out of 10

Its a good practice amp that can get pretty loud. The effects are good if you dont want to buy pedals yet. You get what you pay for.