Marshall Tsl 60 Review

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Marshall Tsl 60
Marshall Tsl 60



Original author: Bmh1109

Weapon: Tube Head

Make: Marshall

Model: TSL60

Price: $650 shipped (ebay)


This is my review for a Marshall TSL60 60watt all tube head. It has 3 switchable channels (clean, crunch, and lead). The clean channel includes it own 3 band eq and gain control while the crunch and lead channels share their eq but have independent channel volume and gain. As for master controls, there is a master volume and a reverb control for both the clean channel and the overdrive channels. There is also a presence knob and effects level knob to control the volume of things in your effects loop. There are also 2 buttons on the amp that change the shape of the sound, the deep button and the shift button. The deep button does exactly what it sounds like it should do and adds more low end to your sound. The shift button is a little harder to describe but it’s essentially a mid-scoop button. It really enables this amp to produce very metalish sounds without the use of any other pedals or effects. With this large array of controls this amp is very versatile and can be used to play just about anything.


I paid $650 shipped for this amp off of Ebay. It is used but in VERY good condition

Musical Style

I usually play good ole rock n’ roll with everything from 80’s punk rock and some metal. This amp excels in all of these genres . After all it is a Marshall and an all valve one at that.

Ease of use

Its as easy to use as any other amp I guess. It does have a lot of different controls you can tweak but finding the sound for you really isn’t hard. All of the controls are very straight forward and you can hear the changes that each of them make very easily so modifying this amp to fit your musical taste is a piece of cake. Channel switching with the foot pedal makes it even easier.

Marshall Tsl 60
Marshall Tsl 60

Sound quality

Excellent. It’s probably not for everyone but if you want the classic dirty Marshall tone then this is it. Its clean channel isn’t the greatest, but I believe it’s understood that Marshalls cleans aren’t the best. Crunch and overdrive channels are excellent and can get very very heavy with the gain on 10. I use the crunch channel for my lighter distortion sounds and the lead for more heavy gain distortion. Add a touch of delay and a bit of chorus and the lead solo sounds are unbelievable. I’m also going to point out in the sound quality section that this is a very loud amp. This should go without saying as it is a 60watt tube head, and I play through 2 vintage 30’s. It is easily loud enough for medium-large shows with no mic. Master volume dimed is almost unbearable in anything short of open outdoors.


It is a tank. It weighs probably 50lbs and is very solidly built. I can’t imagine anything breaking on this thing.


Overall this amp is simply amazing. I believe it defines what rock n’ roll should sound like. It can be found for relatively low prices and when paired with a good cab can’t be beat. I recommend this amp to anyone who either A. wants marshall sound for not soo much money (if you buy used) and B. someone who wants great sound and plenty of volume for shows without needing 100watts.