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Matt23 (Matthew Craven)


Student Instructor

Name: Matthew Craven (most people call me Matt)

Location: Scotland

Date of Birth: 28/07/94

Been playing guitar since: The start of 2007.


I started playing guitar when I was getting bored of the oboe, but still wanted to play an instrument. I think I chose it because most of the music I was listening to at the time (metal) was played on the guitar. For about 6 months or so, maybe more, I wasn't very serious about the guitar. I did nothing but downpicking and just learnt Metallica and Green Day songs. This changed when I started getting guitar lessons at my school. I was introduced to alternate picking and the modes, but most importantly, to the concept of practicing seriously and getting good. I then started playing in most of my free time, and joined GMC. From then on I have learnt to compose, improvise, improved my technique, and found myself enjoying a whole lot of music I never would have touched before.

I hope now I can teach you what I have learnt, and help you on your way to your guitar playing goals.

Influences and Playing

The main influences I see in my playing are from Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Metallica and Buckethead. Every guitarist or band I have listened to will have influenced me in some way but I can't see any obvious influences from most of them in my playing.

I mainly play Metal, Rock, Blues and Celtic styles. I like to play lots of things from different styles as well, but they aren't what I mainly play.

List of lessons

Celtic Electric - Loch Lomond

Four Bar Phrasing - Composition