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Metallica is an American Metal-Band that was founded in 1981 in Los Angeles. Metallica belongs since the early 90's to the top Rockbands and is the worlds' biggest Heavy Metal band of all time.


Band History

Metallica was officially founded on the 28th of October 1981 in Los Angeles,California by rythm-guitarist and and singer James Hetfield and drummer and former tennis-pro Lars Ulrich. The name Metallica was meant to be the name of an underground Metal-Fan-Magazine but was stolen by Lars Ulrich to use it as the name for his band. The first Demo record, including coversongs and the first Metallica song Hit the lights was entirely recorded by James and Lars. In spring 1982 Dave Mustaine (lead guitar, later on Megadeth) and Ron McGovney (bass) joined the band. At the end of 1982 Cliff Burton became the official bassist of Metallica. On the 9th of April 1983 the band had to fire Dave Mustaine due to massive alcoholism and his violent behaviour. He was replaced by former Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett. With this line-up the first three classical Albums were recorded, the Thrash-Metal records Kill 'Em All , Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets. In a tragic toubus-accident Clifford Lee Burton died on the 27th of september 1986 in Ljungby, Sweden. He was replaced by Jason Newsted (former Floatsam & Jetsam). In this lineup the next five albums were recorded, including Metallicas' largest success: The self enitled Album (also known as the black album) which gained platinum for more than 14 times!!! In 2001 Jason Newsted left the band due to chronic back pain from years of touring. He was replaced by Robert Trujillo (former Ozzy Osbourne). With him the latest Metallica album was recorded: St. Anger. Right now Metallica are in the studio, working on the next album which should be released in 2008.

Band Members

current lineup:

  1. James Hetfield - guitar and vocals
  2. Lars Ulrich - drums
  3. Kirk Hammet - guitar and background vocals
  4. Robert Trujillo - bass

Past members:

  1. Ron McGovney - Bass
  2. Dave Mustaine - Guitar
  3. LLoyd Grant - Guitar
  4. Jeff Warner - Guitar
  5. Clifford Lee Burton - Bass
  6. Jason Newsted - Bass
  7. Bob Rock - Bass


Metallica is a Heavy Metal band that changed their musical style slightly over the more than 20 years of their career. The first three albums were classical Thrash Metal records with highspeed riffs and fast solos. for the Black album they changed their style to a more melodical rock style. Other than heavy riffing songs they are now writing ballads and midtempo songs. For their last record St.Anger they attempted to sound like NuMetal. Metallica is known for heavy downstroking riffs, fast solos and Hetfield's unique voice.


Until today Metallica officially sold over 100 million records, 50 million of them in the United States. Four records were number 1 in the billboard charts, they gained multiple platinum status all over the world. The most succesfull record is Metallica with over 35 million sold copies. Metallica was the overall most succesfull band of the 1990's. By having played more than 2000 live concerts Metallica is also one the most succesfull live-bands and the biggest of all Heavy-Metal bands. The Ballad Nothing else Matters counts as one of the classic Rocksongs.


(Platinum awards in the United States)

   * 1983 - Kill 'em All (3x)
   * 1984 - Ride the Lightning (5x)
   * 1986 - Master of Puppets (6x)
   * 1988 - …And Justice for All (8x)
   * 1991 - Metallica (also known as "The Black Album“) (14x)
   * 1996 - Load (5x)
   * 1997 - ReLoad (3x)
   * 1998 - Garage Inc. (Cover-Album)  (5x)
   * 2003 - St. Anger (2x)

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