Metallica - Death Magnetic Review

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Metallica- Death Magnetic
Metallica- Death Magnetic


General Information

Original Author: Antonio23

Artist: Metallica

Album: Death Magnetic

Genre: Heavy Metal


1. "That Was Just Your Life" 7:08
2. "The End of the Line" 7:52
3. "Broken, Beat & Scarred" 6:25
4. "The Day That Never Comes" 7:56
5. "All Nightmare Long" 7:57
6. "Cyanide" 6:39
7. "The Unforgiven III" 7:46
8. "The Judas Kiss" 8:00
9. "Suicide & Redemption" 9:57
10. "My Apocalypse" 5:01


9/10 - Heavy,Fast,agressive songs with lots of tempo changes and crazy solos... Its thrash! Also some ballads to complete the album with a more quiet(but never too calm) sonority,and an instrumental.


9/10 - Great riffs,duets and harmonies,and for those who said that Kirk canĀ“t make solos anymore,here it is to prove them wrong!


8/10 the lyrics are good,go well along with the songs and sometimes highlight the agressivity of the song


With this album,Metallica is definately returning to the music which made them one of the best metal bands ever. Although load/st.anger sonority can still be heard a little bit on some songs, i would say Metallica is on the right track Overall rating : 9/10