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Millencolin is a Swedish punk band made up of four members that started back in 1992 in the town of Örebro. They have released eight albums and sold over two million copies worldwide. They quickly became one of the most famous punk bands in Sweden and later all across Europe, USA and Australia, being one of the longest, still active, punk bands in Europe these days.

Millencolin play punk/rock, and have stated that their main influences are punk bands such as Bad Religion, Pennywise and Samiam.


Starting Out

Back in 1992 Nikola Sarcevic (Vocals, Bass) and Mathias Fär (guitar) played in a band called Seigmenn, while Erik Ohlsson (guitar) was part of the band Charles Farhager, but they soon left those projects and got together to create a new punk/skate-rock band which they named Millencolin after the skate board trick called "Melancholy".

Soon in 1993 their fourth member would join, drummer Fredrik Larzon, and the band recorded their first demo tape called "Goofy", containing 10 songs, followed by yet another 10-song demo named "Melack". The tape caught the attention of a small, new label called Burning Heart Records, and they released their first EP, "Close your nose", containing six songs.


Tiny Tunes

Millencolin started to play lots of gigs outside their hometown, and meanwhile they released another EP, which soon led them to their first full album: "Tiny Tunes", featuring 12 tracks including "Mr.Clean", "Da Strike" and "Leona" and leading the band to a tour all around Sweden.


"Mr. Clean"
"Chiquita Chaser"
"Diznee Time"
"Domestic Subway"
"Fazil's Friends"
"House of Blend"
"Da Strike"
"Mystic Reptile"
"Dance Craze"
"The Einstein Crew"
"Take it or Leave It"

Life On A Plate

Come 1995 the band relased their second album "Life on a Plate", containing 14 songs, most remarkable "The Story Of My Life" and "Friends Till' The End". The band started to travel further and played festivals in Norway and Denmark appart from Sweden, recording their first two videos ("Story Of My Life" and "Move Your Car") which were aired in Sweden.



"Move Your Car"
"Friends 'Til the End"
"The Story of My Life"
"Vulcan Ears"
"Dr. Jackal & Mr. Hide"
"Ace Frehley"

Soon after that Millencolin went on tour along with "Pennywise" through Germany and later England, Switzerland and France. But the band's horizons were just beginning to get broader, as they would soon be traveling to the USA, Australia & Japan after signing with Epitaph and releasing "Life on a plate" once more. Funny thing, the album had to be renamed to "Same old tunes" due to being sued by Warner Bross in the US due to the original cover art.

For Monkeys

In 1997 Millencolin released their third album "For Monkeys" and went on the subsequet world tour which lasted over a year, visiting Europe, Australia, Japan, US, Argentina, Brazil. Once the tour finished the band took some time to rest, and seized the opportunity to release their first video called "MILLENCOLIN & the Hi-8 Adventures" and a compilation of old songs under the name ""THE MELANCHOLY COLLECTION" including tracks from 1993-98.



"Lozin' Must"
"Random I Am"
"Boring Planet"
"Monkey Boogie"
"Twenty Two"
"Black Gold"
"Trendy Winds"
"Light's Out"
"Entrance at Rudebrook"

Pennybridge Pioneers

In 1999 the band recorded their fourth album "Pennybridge Pioneers" in L.A. produced by Brett, Bad Religion guitarist and owner of Epitaph label. "Pennybridge Pioneers" is regarded as one of their best albums ever released, with amazing hits such as "No Cigar" and "Penguins and Polarbears".


"No Cigar"
"Material Boy"
"Right About Now"
"Penguins & Polarbears"
"Devil Me"
"Stop to Think"
"The Mayfly"
"Highway Donkey"
"The Ballad"

"Pennybridge Pioneers Worldwide Tour" was inmediatly started, and once again Millencolin members were involved in a massive amount of gigs through Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe.

Home From Home


After ending their tour, attending several festivals and playing along with Offspring, the band desided to go on studio again and record their Fith album back in Sweden this time, thus the title "Home from Home" (2002), meaning that they were "back home" from their "other" home: the band and the road. And they soon were on the road again: repeating their last visits, Millencolin played once again in three different continents, finishing their tour in 2003.


"Man or Mouse" "Fingers Crossed" "Black Eye" "Montego" "Punk Rock Rebel" "Kemp" (music: Sarcevic/Färm) "Botanic Mistress" "Happiness for Dogs" "Battery Check" "Fuel to the Flame" "Afghan" "Greener Grass" "Home from Home"

Recent Releases

In 2005 the band released thir sixth album, "Kingwood", followed by yet another world tour, of course. Their seventh and last album so far was just released in April 2008, named "Machine 15" with a first single named "Detox".



"Farewell My Hell"
"Cash or Clash"
"Shut You Out"
"Biftek Supernova"
"My Name is Golden"
"Simple Twist of Hate"
"Mooseman's Jukebox"
"Hard Times"


"Machine 15"
"Done is Done"
"Vicious Circle"
"Broken World"
"Come On"
"Who's Laughing Now"
"Brand New Game"
"Ducks & Drakes"
"Turnkey Paradise"
"Route One"
"Danger for Stranger"
"Saved By Hell"
"End Piece"


Tiny Tunes (1994)
Life on a Plate (1995)
For Monkeys (1997)
The Melancholy Collection (1999)
Pennybridge Pioneers (2000)
Home from Home (2002)
Kingwood (2005)
Machine 15 (2008)


Use Your Nose (1993)
Skauch (1994)
Millencolin/Midtown Split (2001)


MILLENCOLIN & the Hi-8 Adventures (1999)


Nikola Sarcevic - Vocals, Bass
Mathias Färm - Guitar
Erik Ohlsson - Guitar
Fredrik Larzon - Drums


Millencolin Homepage
Millencolin MySpace


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