Mk Guitars Mv Custom Model review

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The Muris Varajic Custom MK Guitar
The Muris Varajic Custom MK Guitar


General Information

Original Author: Muris Varajic

Weapon: Guitar

Make: MK Guitars

Model: Muris Varajic Custom

Price: 1500 Euro / $2100


Body: Mahagony bottom,Maple top,natural binding

Neck: Birdseye Maple, Rosewood fretboard, C shape, 24 frets (last 4 scalloped)

Lacquers: Polyurethane on neck, Waterbase Polyurethane on body

Scale: 25 1/2 inches

Hardware: Schaller Floyd Rose System (not floating, only drop one) and Tuners

Electronic: Stan Hinesley's Rogue (bridge), Lagrange (middle), Customized Desperado (neck) and Varitone passive control pot, 5 ways switch.

First Impression

When I first saw it... I was amazed nonetheless. I got guitar I wanted in smaller detail, shape, finish, feel under hand, everything. Must say I felt action bit too high but now I'm even thinking of rising it. Just wonderful!


Mahagony gives it pretty dark and massive tone but with maple top it sounds just like I wanted, heavy bottom with nice mids and highs. Also HSS setup has its cut here, single in neck is my fav position so far.


That part is really awesome. Many times I've played it unplugged, sitting on the couch, it fits sooo nicely, body shape, neck, control over neck etc. It's surely individual and I like it cause I designed it a bit.


It's really solid and steady made instrument, feels so powerful in your hands. Speaking of thrust rod, neck is straight and tight as it can be. I used to tweak it in Musicman Axis soo many times, it just balances too easily, but here it's so perfect and steady, even when I tune guitar 2 whole steps down. Of course, I carry it in solid case, my love is too great for anything less than that.

The backside
The backside


I just love Mirza's work on this guitar. Finish, some small details I didn't think of etc, brilliantly done. Specially I like the way he put my logo on headstock (it was his idea though). He took circle piece of nut wood (not sure if that's the right name for this type of wood though), did graving with mother of pearl and abalone in it and then put the whole piece into the headstock.

Overall Impression

I enjoy in this guitar a LOT, that's my final confession!!