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Montrose was a hard rock band from California in the 1970s. The band consisted of guitarist Ronnie Montrose, future Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar, bassist Bill Church, and drummer Denny Carmassi. Only one album (Montrose, 1973) was made before Bill Church was replaced by Alan Fitzgerald, who would record the band's second and final record (Paper Money, 1974) with Hagar on vocals. After leaving the band, Hagar released many solo albums in the late 70s and the early 80s (often with the remaining members of Montrose). Hagar joined Van Halen in the mid 1980s. As a band, Montrose released 2 more albums on Warner Bros (Warner Bros. Presents ... Montrose!, and Jump On It), both of which featured vocalist Bob James.


While Montrose did not make the kind of impact that they deserved, they have nonetheless influenced a whole generation of hard rock bands.

Famous Songs

Some of Montrose's most famous songs are:

I Got The Fire
Bad Motor Scooter
Make It Last
Rock The Nation 
Rock Candy
Space Station #5


Montrose (1973)
Paper Money (1974)
Warner Brothers Presents ... Montrose! (1975)
Jump On It (1976)