Morkret - Chaos To The Order Review

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Morkret - Chaos To The Order
Morkret - Chaos To The Order


General Information

Original Author: Owen

Artist: Morkret

Album: Chaos To The Order

Genre: Progressive Black/Death Metal


01. Cataclysmically Cathartic Melodia
02. Corruption Kingdom
03. Tornado
04. Redeeming Fate
05. Paradox
06. The New Idiom
07. Transcending The Perimeter


9 Immediately from the outset it is clear that Morkret are different to many of the stereotypical death and black metal bands out there, the complexity of the the lead guitar lines speak for themselves of guitarist David Bond's ability and the accompanyment is no less spectacular:- a searing, raspy growl ascending up from the constructed chaos of the music as if from the bowels of hell itself, at times contrasted by a gentle and melodic piano and generally always accentuted by a fierce, torrential drum line.


9 Punctual, efficient and descriptive, the lyrics leap out at you, compelled by anger and acrimony, Corruption Kingdom shows us this cleverly manipulated offensive of lyrical power:

So through lies, you built your kingdom,
A fortress built on death itself.
So untouchable, with walls of blood,
Transcend divinity, through taking lives.

This is an apt and relevant comparison of many attenuated Kingdoms of today, built upon the backs and suffering of others.

My fear turned to awe
As man’s creation failed
The sky turned pure blue
Juxtaposed with the chaos.

The New Idiom forcasts the fall of man and its creation, the contrast offered here is an excellent example of how the serenity, tranquilty and peace of a blue sky can also be offered as the complete opposite of what it appears, this turns what would normally be said around and offers a different outlook. The lyrics are surprisingly refreshing from this perspective, offering much more than is perhaps revealed at first glace.


8 The gut wreching growl of frontman David by no means should be underestimated, there are a few terrific screams on this album worthy of note, it takes endurance and perserverance to achieve such harsh vocals without hurting the voice permanently and these vocals never let up. There is a raspy, breathless edge to them which adds personality to the enslaught, driving the music well beyond normality.


10 Possibly my favourite part of this album is the guitar work, as well as having strongly styled shred runs it also contains some brilliant melodic lines, The New Idiom is an excellent example of this, the introduction is such a catchy piece of writing that I couldnt fail to be impressed at its delivery - an extremely clever melody introducing a blur of noted madness. The rhythm line chuggs along at a fair pace too, introducing a strong wall of sound to accompany the fiery leads.

Overall Impression

9 Morkret are a riviting band, they are unafraid to experiment with their sound and indeed the experimental edges to this album show this - the profound piano work and spoken introductions to songs add variety and keep the listener interested, but at the same time they also offer some traditional intense extreme metal for those familiar with the genre - packing a real punch which adds some much needed brutality to the proceedings. All in all, this is a terrific album from a band that should see much more recognition in the future.

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