Motorhead - Motorizer Review

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Motorhead - Motorizer
Motorhead - Motorizer

General Information

Original Author: VinceG

Artist: Motorhead

Album: Motorizer

Genre: Speed Metal/Heavy Metal/Rock N' Roll

Record: Steamhammer/SPV
Year of Release: August 26, 2008



Motorizer to me was one of the most anticipated albums to be dropped this year. After more than 3 decades of rocking out, touring, and writing, the band is still not done with the Rock N' Roll lifestyle. The music is much more polished, yet its still dirty like Overkill or Orgasmatron. Just look at that album cover. Nothing like commemorating the Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom with that Motorhead special touch.

First off, lets talk about that legendary Motorhead sound. Very crunchy guitar, simplistic yet bombastic drums, that distorted bass thats always present in any Motorhead album, and the greatest front man in music, Lemmy. Very in your face, and has that whole epitome of what we envisioned as a kid as good ol fashion Rock.

Nothing is really to say about the album. Its Motorhead. We as fans expect it as simple, in your face, straightforward, and FAST, and it never failed on that. Its that simplistic concept of music on why these guys still in the charts today. Lotta great riffs in this album, possibly some of the best ive heard in quite a long while. Short songs to keep the music rolling on a very high pace... its just a very well done album and its still surprise me on how good these guys can write music. While we see other famous rock stars on limo and movies, we see Motorhead in studio making albums, touring like a madman, smoking cigs, and that hard liquor on the side.

If you've liked any other Motorhead album, then this would be a steal as well. There is really no stopping Motorhead from rocking, and these guys ARE ROCKING.