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Mr.Bungle was formed in the of 1984 by Mike Patton, Trey Spruance and Trevor Dunn. The name of the band was named after a child's educational film while all of them were still in high School.

Their style has influnced many bands of today with a avant-garde / rock appeal. Bands such as "Stolen Babies", "Polkadot Cadaver", "The Mars Volta" and "Dog Fasion Disco" were highly influnced by Mr.Bungle.

In the early years they toured venues with with masks on and no one knew who they were. Bands obviously influenced by such theater were "Slipknot", "Mudvayne" and "Mushroomhead".


Patton was easily picked out because of his distinct vocals and sound as the frontman of Mr.Bungle. That and when Faith No More made it big in 1989, Mike was seen in the music video Epic with a Mr.Bungle t-shirt on.

Mike Patton as the frontman of Mr.Bungle


Their musical influences in their songs ranged from Rock, Metal, Jazz, Ska, Death Metal, Progressive Rock to Swing Music, Doo-Wop, Circus Music, Video and Cartoon Music with many more. All of the styles can be heard in one song of theirs as there songs were not the structure of a song we all know.


1991 - Mr.Bungle

1994 - Disco Volante

1999 - California


Here is the actual kids video where Mr.Bungle took their name.

Not many video were made other than a few fan made videos and one made by Warner Brothers called Quote Unquote.

Quote Unquote

Chemical Marriage

Goodbye Sober Day

Broken Up

In 2000 after Mr.Bungle had tourded the band wen on hiatus and rumors started to run that the band had apparently dissolved. Members of the band never were in contact and had not spoken to each other in years. Unfortunately Patton was quoted in saying that they had a few more albums in him but its over he said.

Mr.Bungle has reached cult status with all of their fans and their sound can never be mimiced or copied in anyway. A true original to their craft.