Music Man John Petrucci 6-string Review

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Music Man John Petrucci 6-string
Music Man John Petrucci 6-string



Original author: Unleash-The-Shred

Weapon: Guitar

Make: Ernie Ball Music Man

Model: John Petrucci Signature 6-String

Price: Varies from what color you choose to a few other minor components.


- Maple neck with an adjustable truss rod and 5-bolt mounting to the basswood body which is for perfect alignment and so there is no slipping.

- Sculpted neck Joint for access to the upper frets.

- Rosewood fretboard with 24 wide high-profile frets.

- Schaller locking tuners

- Custom John Petrucci tremolo

- 2 Custom DiMarzio humbucking pickups which were specially designed for John Petrucci.

- 3-way selector has a custom center-position configuration.

- Comes with a Music Man hardshell case. 10/10


I loved this guitar since the first time I layed eyes on it. Beautiful choice of finish colors. Great feel to it. The neck is so smooth, it's almost like it plays itself. It does cost a pretty penny, that is the only con. 10/10


If you are familiar with John Petrucci you know this guitar sounds amazing! You can practically get any sound out of it you would be happy with, with the right effects and amp of course. Distorted tones are great thanks to the custom JP DiMarzio pickups. Lead tones sounds amazing through this axe also. Overall I was amazed with the sounds I got out of this guitar. 99/10


It takes a lot to be John Petrucci's signature guitar so this practically explains itself. 10/10

==Overall Rating== I give this guitar an 11/10 because this thing is simply amazing. I personally like it more than my JEM77B.

P.S. This was my first review and i'm not sure if this fulfills all of your questions, so if you'd like to know more just ask and i'll be more than happy to answer them.

Editorial note: published 2007-11-19